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2001-08-31 - 12:38 p.m.

I just had lunch with 4 women. And I wore a sweater vest with sketchers that had an reflective stripe. And I ate Dim Sum. It was not pretty. I also found myself offering to take out the North Asia program manager, who is married but living in California while her husband lives in Florida, and doesn't know anything to do around here on the weekends. It's an interesting situation. So immediatly images of home wrecking and silent drives away from a bitter and broken husband (who eerily enough in real life has my stocky build and coloring that borders of albino) on some dark cloudy morning, with a mournful Verve ballad playing on the Saab's stereo. "Are you all right?", I'll ask, and then reach over and grab her hand, compassionatly showing my understanding as I emote care and concern effectivly. I am brought back to harsh reality by the arrival of Egg Tarts which I love and proceed to eat more than is good for me. The combination of Flan and Pie Crust is fantastic. But on a lighter note (because desert was dense enough to dump a body in a lake with), I get to leave early today because of the long weekend and extra traffic and my boss is in the UK and I just configure Outlook to send my weekly update report at a random time POST 5pm and everyone's happy. No body gets hurt. Technology once again allows me the freedom to pursue my dreams of driving to SFO in holiday weekend rush hour traffic to pick up the people who's summer indescretions allow me to be here today.

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