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2002-01-02 - 8:31 p.m.

The diary entry that was here before has been deleted. Because it sucked bad. I imagined myself becoming de-listed from favorites and a retraction from Quoted along with an apology for sending people to my site.

But now we have the New and Improved Entry. Or the one that doesn't suck as badly. No guarentee or anything, not even fewer spelling and grammatical errors. Perhaps I'm just setting myself up for failure here...

I have a hickey on my neck, which isn't as horrible as it could be. It's actually brought back memories of high school (the good kind rather than the Why are you such a disapointment to your father kind) although after the stares in Starbucks this morning I think I'll wear a turtleneck, a decision supported by the powers that be as it's cold (for California) and rainy. Also, since work is shut down I don't have to invent complicated stories about run ins with a vampire or a deranged vacume salesman. I actually get a lot done when no one is around. Plus I don't have to feel guilty about checking in on my favorite web sites and I'm free from interuption. So I sat today, transitioning files, folders, and responsibilities to the group that will be responsible for what my group does. I myself will be the new data entry clerk for finance, a royal screwing up the ass if you ask me. However, due to the events that led up to me having a reddish mark on the skin caused by amorous kissing, biting, or sucking, my outlook in life right now is pretty positive. So, I will take this lemon that my company has dealt me and turn it into a Classic Lemon Charlotte Russe and cram it down their throats.

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