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2002-01-03 - 9:40 p.m.

For lunch today I had "pizza" which means a slice of cardboard with, and I'm only barely exagerating, a block of cheddar cheese on it. Which made the cardboard greasy, and palatable. There may or may not have been pepperoni on the slice, there were places of extra resistance but it's purely heresay. I had gone to this little cafe run by an Iranian couple because they have incredible falaffals, which I sometimes get a jones on for really bad. Only today they were not available, as there were no pita's. So I tried the "pizza". I think to make up for the lack of pitas they were smothering (and I do mean smothering) things with cheese. I was glad that the tea was fresh and delicious as always, otherwise I couldn't have stomached the cheese. Which I actually couldn't because 15 minutes later it was resting in the bottom of the 2nd floor handicap toilet. And I'm not really keen on cheese now, for some reason. That's normal for me, once I rebate someting it takes a lot of time, love, and tenderness for me to be able to eat it again. I also had an anxiety attack today, but I'm too tired to write about it. Maybe I'll update in the morning, or maybe I'll just leave my few moments asphyxating on the side of the freeway as an enigmatic detail to toy with your minds and consume your every waking moments. Again, I may be giving myself too much credit.

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