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2002-01-06 - 3:39 p.m.

I totally rocked at go-carts. I was crammed into my car and couldn't brake and steer, so I opted to steer. And kept spinning and squeeling around the corners, gaining fans and fame. Towards the end I managed to salvage a spin out and had cheers, yes real cheers from the sidelines. It was very cool. Then I went to a party that was not. Which was probably as much my fault as the rest of the people there. Of course, whenever a party turns to watching a Trading Spaces marathon on TLC and commenting on past shows and the performances of the different designers, it's time to put it to rest, because at that point it's like a married couple at home type evening. So I was home early. Which I actually didn't mind. This morning I went and worked out, with my sister which was my undoing. We did cardio (I did the rowing machine) for half an hour, then pilates followed by circuit training with the weight machines and "cooled down" with a 1600m swim. And I wonder why she is so in shape. I was dying. After the Rowing. I'm going to be feeling this morning for the rest of the month probably. But then, after we parted our ways I went and got sushi and ate it in the park and suddenly I was flushed with such a cool factor. I drive a Saab, I worked out at SF's most exclusive fitness club, and now I'm enjoying take out sushi in a park. And then the pain and suffering melted away and I rushed over to Starbucks to enjoy a Latte and update before the weight of the world (or my sudden onset of bi-polar behavior) drags me down again.

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