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2002-01-10 - 7:37 p.m.

I don't understand how complete idiots can be rewarded for incompetance. What is it in the corporate america hierarchy that rewards stupidity. Bullshitters, kiss asses, and blamers I understand. They have gifts and skills that are recognizable and honed to an edge. While I may not like them, I will acknowledge them. But sometimes, for whatever reason a bumbler gets advanced. A guy at work has been sending me shit all day. He's been creating shit with his stupidity. He is creating more shit than is necesary. A mild concern has now blown up into a wild email battle between logistics and sales. And it's all his fault. Probalby because I used words larger than two syllables to tell him what was going on. Especially since this particular issue is the end part of a multi order project that, while it has not flown swiftly and smoothly out the door, has gotten to the end destination through blood sweat and tears. Usually mine. Now all of a sudden everything has to change. Things are not clear, instructions are missing, or he has misdirected. And I'm 3 hours and several thousand miles away and have to watch it all fall apart. Now I'll obsess about it and get an ulcer and be fucked until Monday, where I will be powerless to prevent the inevitable backlash.

I apologize for the ranting. And also the swearing. While I do think that profanity makes talking fun, I don't like to resort to using it. I like to think of myself as classy and four letter words are not usually. Except for Jake. Oh yeah. I prefer 5 letter words like vodka and scotch in times like these. Fortunatly I'm just an elevator ride from Times Square. So I think I'll go wash my troubles down and try to pick up a transexual hooker.

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