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2002-01-10 - 10:41 a.m.

New York is lovely. And loud, busy, and the people here think that Casual is to remove the tie and unbutton the top of your collar. I love that about a place. Of course I packed all wrong. Us west coast people are so much for relaxed and casual about things. My cab driver got into a slap contest with a delivery truck driver over a merging issue that was resolved only because the light changed. I feared for my white bread life. I had intended to take the Subway but the lady on the plane next to me suggested that it might not be a good idea during rush hour, and that the commuters might not like the fact that I had luggage. So, I opted for the death cab. The last time I was in NY our cab driver got into a yelling match with another driver (also over a merge issue) so this guy just took it up a notch. On the plus side I have free (or included) high speed internet access through my hotel room. I just use my ethernet card and voila. They also have a web tv type thing. Very swanky. I'm off to the Kenneth Cole sale now, as I have nothing appropriate to wear anymore.

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