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2002-01-15 - 7:01 p.m.

Okay, so there used to be this entry here about how I wanted to be a more interesting and vibrant person ad naseum but I've let that go and instead will relish the glib jackass I think I am. Hurrah, I'm free. Allegedly.

I made it back from New York without incident. And I've also started school without incident. I'm thinking that if I really wanted a couple grand in easy money I could get myself a greencard wife in my Mandarin class. I'm the only white male there, and I feel distinctly uncomfortable. Although when you go to night classes at a ghetto JC you really get what you are paying for. It will all be worth it however at the end of the class where I can put the old woman at the bakery where I like to buy egg tarts in her place. Honored Mother, quite blowing water. You have overcharged me for the egg tarts. Now repay me in pastry or I will call down your ancestors and show them the shame you have broughten upon them. I wish it were March already.

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