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2002-01-19 - 4:27 p.m.

I watched my Aunt pass the olympic torch today. No, not like through her ass or anything. Although it is oddly shaped. But very cool, and she gets to keep it. Quite the conversation peice. Tell your Grandkids to look for it on Antiques Roadshow. She was involved in the torch run because of her company, but it's still quite the honor. I was surprised by the emotional reaction I had to the whole thing. It was awesome. I like to think of myself as a cynical jaded snob, but seeing the flame pass from one runner to the other and having it be a close relation got me all choked up. The crowd was cheering and I got it all of film. Afterwards there were crowds of people getting their picture taken with her and her torch, and congratulatory comments from passers bye. It was ver cool.

Then I went to IKEA and pretended I had a cool house/apartment and I could afford to furnish it anew. Which made me come home, be disgusted with what I have, and pay bills. Now I'm thinking up creative ways to eat Ramen noodles until the end of the month. Because otherwise I wouldn't be able to buy something new for work. Brooks Brothers is having a sale. And I could use some happy right now. And baby needs new shoes. Like a hole in the head. I actually gave large amounts of clothing and shoes to my sisters boyfriend, which made everyone happy, myself because now I have closet space for new stuff! And the Sisters squeeze because now he has some nice things to wear out and about. It's my only real act of charity. Which is sad really.

On friday I had to give up all my cool perks, like my International SOS card, and my conferance calling card. I also have to give up the wireless air card. No longer does my job responsibility warrant such extravegances. It felt like I was being fired almost. I'm sure that they are going to look at my current position, then look at the Salaray and Jake will be escorted out the building with his personal effects in a box. I was very depressed last night. Through this morning, until the Olympic flame "lit the Spirit Within" or something. That's the theme of the SLC Olympics. Maybe. I'll just have to be careful when traveling, as I'm no longer covered by kidnapping or hostage insurance.

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