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2002-02-02 - 10:27 p.m.

I walked out of work on Friday. I arrived at 8am, an hour later than usual, and then left after a very crappy meeting where I was, once again, made the whipping boy. So, I left at 3. Because I could. Or well, because I could get away with it. I had some words with my old boss, who it seems has a little bit of a hard time letting go. She reminded me that I didn't really have a job that meant I could go home when the work was done, and also made some remarks about how easy I now have it. Which angered me even more and strengthened my resolve to leave. So I did. And am currently baking an apology cake as I type. The anger gave way to regret, and then guilt. But I didn't have any emails, or voicemails when I checked in today, so I guess it's okay. It's ridiculous of me to feel bad about leaving early. But I do.

I took my cousin up to Tilden Park this afternoon, which is in the hills behind Berkely. They have a small steam train that runs on a little track that you can buy tickets for. He is a crazy little freak about Thomas the Tank Engine, and so it's a good time for him. We ran into a friend of his so he was quite excited. He's actually very well behaved, and I rolled lots of tape of him. I think I'll edit all the footage I have of him from several birthdays, christmas', and asst gatherings and make some sort of musical montage. My friend and I did for our friends, and some of them came out very good. It would be a good gift for my Aunt and Uncle. As well as embarrasing to the cousin when he starts dating. And that's always a good thing.

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