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2002-02-08 - 6:13 p.m.

I spent the entire day in ISO procedures meetings.

I'm so tense you could bounce quarters off my ass. And if you saw my ass you would be amazed that such a large mass could tense enough to bounce things rather than swallow them whole. I also doubt that I'll go #2 for a week.

That said, my friend surleigh is going to be Powder the rabbit mascot during the Winter Games. So if you watch Hockey, and you see the bunny, that's my friend. I say it with pride. Even when she is totally shitfaced and trying to pick up sailors. Actually, sometimes a little more pride then.

I'm going to see O.A.R. tonight at the Filmore, my sister knows a member of the band and so we got comp tickets. Which is very cool. So very, very, cool. If I had one of their t-shirts I'd wear it. Just Kidding. If you knew me then you know that's a joke. People that know me realized that I was trying to hide the 3 hours previously that I've been home obsessing like a Jr High girl on my first day of school about what to wear. I've also been practising in the mirror all the clever and witty things I'll say tonight. I'm such a loser. But I keep it all inside.

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