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2002-02-14 - 7:35 a.m.

The freeway this morning was a mess. There were two incidents on my route, a stall and an accident. Both of which were long gone by the time I slow crawled by. I think that I may have to give up milk. Either that or figure out how to re-upholster my Saab. Seriously

Dude. It's very cold (for California) and I had to open the sunroof. Or die of methane poisining. Oh, and Happy Valentines day. I was going to send out cards, but then thought better of it. So instead I sent a couple e-greetings (how tacky of me) and generally intend to ignore the day. I baked some more of petit fours, these are pink and have white hearts drawn on them. They are so gay. Iím sure that everyone will love them.

The Lottery on Sat night is expected to top 171 Million. So I think I'll win. Then I'd never have to feel guilty about the shoes I buy again. And can move on to other expensive habits like Heroin. Or something else because, like the Dandy Warhols sing, Heroin is so passe. I'll stick with the shoes I guess. That's the reason I'm not a drug addict now. I can't affor couture shoes AND crack. It was tough choice in High School, but I think the right one. What an amusing public service announcement that would make. Shoes are my Anti-Drug. Probably would air on the New Gay TV Network along with lots of movies about hate crimes and syndicated Will & Grace reruns.

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