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2002-02-14 - 8:37 p.m.

I have somehow managed to pig myself silly. Which is nice. Although Iíll regret it when it all gets converted to fat overnight. Because thatís one thing Iím really good at. But enough with the pity party.

Iím suddenly at a loss as to what to say.

Itís a three-day weekend, and while Friday is not really part of the solution, it certainly isnít part of the problem. I was going to try and hop a flight to visit the Ďrents and my friends in Utah, but there were no flights that would be worth it. The cheapest flight was only $132 dollars but involved like three airports and layovers and meant that the time spent in Utah was only like 12 hours. So Iíll just have to make it out that way another time. Also it was good that I didnít book because I learned that the people that I would most like to see wouldnít be available. So allís well that ends well.

I had a very uncomfortable meeting with my companyís CFO this afternoon about my new role and responsibilities. I thought it would be a little more question and answer rather than a 45 minute lecture on data integrity and policing of company policies. But I did get to leave work early because of it. Of course I squandered the precious gift of time with napping rather than say laundry or homework, but such is the way of the world. I have a three day weekend looming on the horizon so Iím feeling pretty good. I fully intend to reorganize my room. Fortunately there is a Trading Spaces marathon on TLC, and while I may be against watching it at parties, Iím not above mining it for decorating ideas. Plus I like it when the home owner really hates what was done to their living room, kitchen, bedroom, or bath. And I have a crush on Laurie Hickson-Smith. First though, I really need to clean the room. And fight off having one of them suggest I lose my area rug. Because it really ties the room together.

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