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2002-02-18 - 7:41 a.m.

Whoo Hoo! I met Dominique Swain at the bar on Saturday night. I was a little intoxicated, which was why I was brave enough to offer to buy her a drink. She however declined. And had her security beat me up when I got persistent. I kid, I kid. I had a really great time though. The DJ was spinning all these old vanilla rap tunes from Jr High. Tone Loc, Beastie Boys, MC Hammer (which was almost scary), it was great. The bar, The Blind Tiger was great as well. It seemed that the guy who set the party up knew the bartender so we also got special treatment. I got a phone number and an email address as well. I was the Mac Daddy. Or Pimp Daddy. Big Poppa yeah! Although unfortunately I donít have the stomach to be a true player. So Iíll just live vicariously through rap videos and dream. It rained fairly hard on Saturday night, when I was driving into the city the Bay Bridge Toll Plaza was flooded, but the bridge was clear, and there was some night sky poking through the clouds by the time I found parking. Which wasnít in the best location but I made do. I was torn about what way to walk, the bar is on Broadway which is where all the strip clubs are located, or I could walk along some side streets and cut through China Town. I opted for the side streets because the transvestite hookers and junkies that populate those areas generally leave you alone whereas the drunken frat boys and barkers outside the Hustler Club arenít usually so kind. The whole North Beach area is a total trip, and one of my favorite places to walk around on busy weekend nights, with the exception of the broadway area. But I survived. To meet Dominique Swain!! And spent Sunday in recovery. I went to IKEA and checked on bedroom furniture, compared pricing with Scandinavian Designs and pretended that I was rich enough to afford the Nautica Home Collection at Eastern Furniture by the office. I think Iíll go with IKEA as Iím trying to be fiscally responsible. Plus, I can swap it out after a year and not feel guilty. Of course, I could also just wait until my birthday and have mommy write a check. But I think that Iíll just have her buy me some Nautica Bedding and Iíll be happy. Iím such a manipulative brat.

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