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2002-02-19 - 11:07 a.m.

Forgive the drunken ramblings yesterday. I was delirious with thirst. Whether for drink or water Iím not quite sure. But it was still a fun debaucherous weekend and I have no regrets and will make no apologies. Except for the ones I already have.

I was infuriated by a white BMW this morning on my way into work. I found myself wishing the woman inside bodily harm. She kept weaving in and out of traffic, cutting off people and generally making a dangerous nuisance. Being part of the problem rather than the solution blah blah. She even excited at the same exit I did, and while I was a sane driver who kept to his lane and was patient (while inwardly seething and developing an ulcer along the way) so all her reckless tactics got her a car length ahead. Normally this would calm me, but instead I was shouting obscenities in her direction and generally speaking to myself in the third person. It was crazy. And the day went pretty much downhill from there.

Of course, itís still early enough to turn it around. However that requires effort and Iím just not feeling up to that right now. How special. Actually, I think Iíll plan a weekend vacation somewhere nice. I was going to purchase some Nautica Home Furniture after being goaded by Weetabix, but instead I think Iíll take some time and relax. I could really use a nice relaxing weekend. Maybe in Calistoga with a mud bath. Or Monterey where I can bond with the animals. Iíd say San Francisco however I think itís International Bear Roundup and heavy set hairy guys should really stay away during that time. Because they are having their picnic and you donít want to be surprised in the woods. I could of course, go home and see the family and friends, see how Utah is recovering from the Olympics, but I think I want sun. And heat. And tanning.

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