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2002-02-24 - 5:33 p.m.

Yesterday I spent in bed, my bought of inner rage leaving me weak and helpless for much of Saturday. But I did feel better this morning, so I went up to the top of Mount Diablo for some reflection time.

I think I'm going to pursue counseling. My insurance will cover it, up to a certain point. Although an afternoon like today, with clear skies, and a view all the way to the Golden Gate does a lot to restore one's soul. I am thinking I'll cap off the evening with some raspberry tea and raison toast with lots of fresh butter. Now, that's what I call comfort food. It brings to mind people resting after a breakdown at their country estate, while the servants bustle about and do their best to be quiet for the master. Itís very old money to me. To have the choice to sleep in and not contribute to society, save for the shops that are kept in business by my patronage, and the shipping industry that brings goods for the likes of me. Iím not a firm believer in trickle down economics, in fact, I think that itís detrimental to a society, unless of course you in the top percent. I do believe that I would be philanthropic if I had more money than I knew what to do with. Although I would be more prone to assist young yuppies than inner city toughs. Itís just as hard trying to purchase your first European auto and juggle the condo mortgage with the Nordstromís bill, especially when the new Landís End catalog arrives. Mmmh, that sounds extremely pretentious. But itís all a matter of survival, just on a different level. But if you convince that demographic of something, then they are mighty force, both economically and politically. I mean, look at Starbucks. They donít really need to advertise because a million yuppies a day has to have their double grande one pump vanilla low fat cappuccinos. And so there is a Starbucks on every corner. I would like to unite these people into doing something positive. Something community oriented. As long as itís a cool cause, well, then, nothing would stop them. Especially if they could wear coordinated Banana Republic outfits and possible get a free t-shirt so their co-workers could see how socially aware they are, and also that their privilege has not jaded them. Mmmh, that sounded even more pretentious. I think Iíll stop. While Iím behind.

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