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2002-02-25 - 2:12 p.m.

We had a meeting this afternoon where everyone sat around and ate pizza and drank beer. Then, they dropped the bomb on us that our building was probably going to be closed and in the interim they were moving some people over into it. How very special. At least they tried to soften the blow a little bit. And the building closure is if we could find a sublet. Then who knows where we end up? Our campus is already teaming with people, and our tiny oasis of a sales office is about to be invaded by marketing. Just another manic Monday I suppose. I wish it were Sunday. Because then I wouldnít have had to shave, can loll about reading or watching the movies Iíve had from Netflix for several weeks now. It would be nice. Iíve got to learn to stop worrying about things so much. Currently Iíve worried my kidneys into failing. Or perhaps Iím trapped in one of those urban legends where Iím stuck in a bathtub full of ice with a Call 911 note stapled to my arm or something. Written on the mirror actually is how the story goes. Iím just tired I guess. So tired that the uncertain future on dialysis and the organ donor list seems preferable to the daily grind I endure. Which I think would count as disability and I just got my social security form the other day. I could live fairly well on disability in lots of places in the US. Nice places. Or Mexico. Sitting on the beach, drinking purified water (the kidneys, remember) and generally enjoying myself. Sure the machinery that keeps me alive would need to be kept shaded and will probably give me an unusual tan, but those are prices I think Iím willing to pay.

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