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2002-02-27 - 10:13 a.m.

There was barf in the parking lot this morning when I got to work. It was quite foul, with lots of birds pecking at the disturbingly orange remains of someoneís breakfast. Of course, everyone has to stop by and ask if itís my barf, and then hypothesize as to who created the mystery barf. Lotís of vomit talk going on around the office today.

We are having new cube assignments and everyone is anxiously waiting to find out their fate. Will they be sat next to someone cool? Or stuck in a dank corner with no natural light or plants. They are adding 7 new people to our office, possible 11, which has the Feng Shui all screwed up, not to mention the floor plan. So everything is in boxes and nobody can find anything. Itís very third world. And the new people are strange. It makes me want to tape my nose up and wander about saying that this is a local office, thereís nothing for you here. (Which is from the League of Gentlemen, and I donít really want to take the time to search out a link. I think itís on Comedy Central also. Sometimes daddy is just too tired. Now go get him a beer) Sadly, the game space was the first to go, so no more foosball tournaments. We also lost the open space around the sink where no one ate lunch, but it was nice to know that there was such a place. There used to be this engineering guy that would come up from the testing lab downstairs and he would eat there. He had a very strange and unpleasantly smelling diet. Fortunately, he was let go before any unpleasantness got out of hand. Iím actually worried about the plants, but am keeping quiet about it. Iím already known as a plant lover. I really am tired of all the mocking that goes on. Even though I tend to provide just cause.

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