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2002-02-28 - 6:29 p.m.

I was in meetings ALL day today, which is frustrating when there is lots of work to be done. But Iím a Destiny Childs song. Oh yeah, Survivor was written all about me. Or so I like to think in my happy place.

Actually there are big changes afloat at work; we have made a bid to acquire a company that was already in talks with a competitor. This new company will of course magically solve all of our problems and make us number one in the world. If you believe all the announcements and press releases that are flying around at this moment. Which is good I suppose as it actually gives us a sense of hope. The merger is actually a good thing, and we could use the influx of cash to fix the Feng Shui problem caused by adding an odd number of workers to our gentle space.

In personal news, I have been drinking juice nonstop at Weetabixís command. Yes, I do everything she tells me. Including signing other peopleís guestbooks. Usually I stay away from juice, as Tea is my preferred poison. But at her insistance, Iíve slugged back my allotment for the day and so will go happily on my merry way, stopping every couple of exits to pee. I once, over a slow summer at a previous job, attempted to color my urine through beverage choices, mainly Gatorades. I was actually successful with the experiment. The dark Thunder flavor was the best, whereas Riptide Rush really didnít do much. It really wasnít a scientific or controlled experiment, just my bored 20 something self. Those were the days. But FYI, anyone with constipation issues should really drink 64oz of Cranberry Juice Cocktail. It will do wonders, and probably has the same effect as that Amazing Hollywood Juice Diet. Seriouslyh, save your money people. And on that happy note, Iím off. I have to go buy a birthday present and card for someone I donít like because I hurt his feelings it seems. I really want to be evil, but I canít bring myself to it. Itís my greatest weakness. Or in the precious moments/chicken soup for the soul/touched by an angel world, my greatest strength. But who wants that?

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