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2002-03-03 - 4:50 p.m.

I think that I needed some personal space this weekend. Not that I got any mind you. Just it would have been good. Saturday I took a friend to the Chabot Space and Science Center, which was showing an exhibit called Art and the Starfighter and was about the production design of the Phantom Menace. It was the last weekend for the exhibit, so they were packing it up, literally while we were walking through it. So it was kind of lame. They had the Naboo Fighter that they used in the movie for live action filming, so it was kind of neat. Then I met some friends who were visiting from Utah and spent the evening and late night showing them around the city. I don't think I知 a very good tour guide, but they seemed to enjoy themselves, and I had a good time. I prefer to have lots of planning and worrying to do for when people visit, then bog them down with possibilities. I知 probably a very frustrating host. I imagine that it would be better if I just took them around my favorite haunts and chilled rather than force feed them a good time with the endless possibilities a night out in San Francisco can provide. It would also be nice if I could trust the feedback I壇 received. But those personality quirks are missing in my make up, so I値l just let it slide.

My sister made a surprise visit today and so I picked her up from the airport and then we went shopping in the city. I should be doing a large work project that has to be completed tomorrow but instead I知 slacking. We are going to dinner with my grandparents in a little while, so I値l be doing the last minute scramble to get it done tonight I知 sure. And I can't say that I procrastinated on the venture, because I was literally busy all the time. I just felt spread to thin all weekend, and while up to now I致e had a pretty decent one, I would have liked to take it slow and relax without any looming deadlines or activities to distract me. So, there you have it. A weekend over but a body and spirit not refreshed. Does that mean it counts?

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