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2002-03-10 - 5:02 p.m.

My Internet connection is performing like Ed Beagly Jr. without the electric car, mainly sporadic and irritating. Itís driving me nuts. Actually, itís been two days of nuts. My lovely, Swedish automobile is in the shop for maintenance (and not cosmetic surgery or anything) so Iíve been cruising around in a sky blue Toyota Camry. Not that there is anything WRONG with a Toyota Camry, but thereís not really anything right about it either. I feel like some Willy Loman freak on the freeway. It also doesnít handle anything like my Scandinavian delight. Which also sounds like a mixed drink, or a drag queen hooker strung out on smack, trolling some corner while ďherĒ pimp drives buy in a gold metallic Cadillac with the Shaft soundtrack playing from the factory installed eight track. So Iíve been staying in, but it seems that all sorts of strange, urgent errands keep popping up that require me to drive through crowded city streets, while the roads are full of people enjoying their rides, happy and content with their chariots. At least it has a CD player, although the punk stylings and Euro beats seem a tad incongruous coming from a car youíd expect your Grandfather to drive. But Iím off to see the Time Machine; Iím hoping to escape the realities of driving a non-luxury Asian import with some cinema escapism. We shall see.

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