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2002-03-13 - 5:25 p.m.

The monthly Saab calendar this month depicts some healthy Swede, walking towards his Silver Saab 9-5 SE. The car blends seamlessly into the surrounding frozen wasteland, at one with nature and yet also at odds with it, a strange dichotomy of protection and exposure. The manís ice racing sail is propped against an igloo behind him and he carries the equipment in a satchel, with the helmet (safety first) in his right hand. It depicts a simple, healthy life. The igloo was probably built by hand upon his arrival at that spot on the frozen tundra, and no doubt includes a sauna and meditation room. I can imagine the crunch of the tires upon the ice, and the sound of the engine being lost in the vastness of the plane. Itís a lovely picture, and I hate it. He has renewed his spirit and can now go back to his perfect Scandinavian life. I however, have gym class and a crushing amount of work to look forward to. I think Iíll find a new picture.

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