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2002-03-13 - 8:59 a.m.

I rented A.I. last night, and really canít think why. That is one emotionally manipulative film and nice to look at. And the special features are kind of lame. I understand the lack of deleted scenes though, because every scene they filmed WAS IN THE GD MOVIE! Itís very long. Really not all that very good of a story, but when you base a three hour movie on a 500 word short story, you get what you get. Not that Kubrick would have made it better, although it might have been darker. I remember not liking it in the theaters, but Iím such a follower, and everyone else was renting it, so I just jumped on the bandwagon. There is a bridge jumping scheduled for later, so Iíll be there as well. I was up way too late last night watching bad movies, which will make me grouchy today. And thatís a good thing because Iím going to have to start kicking some ass, because the factory wants to steal some of my hard won equipment for some European customers. And Iím not going to let that happen. Unless they bribe me with money, cars, and women.

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