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2002-03-21 - 7:36 a.m.

I just love the taste of spoiled Orange Juice. Especially when the carton has swollen to the point that it could burst at any moment, spraying anyone with range with pulp, 15% alcohol, and juice.

This was the juice given to me this morning by an employee of a Bagel shop. His dull eyes seem unconcerned for the health risk he was subjecting people to. I suppose that's what they meant when they claim it was pasteurized. He seemed shock when I mentioned that the juice had gone bad, and could I have another one. "How can you tell?" I patiently explained the fermentation process to him. He goes into the back only to return empty handed. "They're all like that, we thought they were just extra full". So I purchased a bottle of water and was done with the place. Aren't there standards? I remember learning vague things about food and food handling when I worked at a movie theater. This instruction didn't actually apply, as we sold no real food, unless you count the popped corn. Everything else, from the cheese on the nachos to the butter topping was some sort of chemical. Oh, those where the days. It's just sad really. I feel sorry for the people who had gone before, and are now driving drunk from the fumes of their OJ.

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