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2002-03-21 - 2:44 p.m.

Something is seriously wrong. Besides the workout pain Iím dealing with a short temper, indigestion, and urine the color of some ugly 70ís kitchen. I should probably get that checked. Or hang a Holly Hobby homily trivet in my bladder.

I canít tell if my companyís traffic department is deliberately fucking with me or not. I tell them to ship something Fed Ex P1 overnight AM delivery Account #XXX. They shipped Pilot, 2nd day air collect. The Logistics manager is "looking into the breakdown of communication" and will get back to me. I guess I was just unclear with those vague instructions. I should work on my communication skills. Fortunately Lent is over next week so I can manage these stress inducing behavioral quirks with the Girl Scout cookies Iíve hidden in the back of my freezer. Love those frozen Thin Mints. At lunch today I noticed some old sun bleached Day of the Dead cakes in the window of a Mexican bakery. Just a couple of odd skeletons working at desks with computers on them, the bright colors now muted and the frosting on the cardboard boxes was cracked and odd looking. I was thinking of trying to buy one and send it to the shipping department anonymously. Or even a fresh pan dulce. Put some fear into them. However, they would think, strange baked goods with a bizarre cultural reference sent in a passive aggressive manner? I would be the only culprit Iím afraid. Of course, this little bit of logical reasoning may be above their limited mental abilities. I do find it ironic that the group is dubbed Logistics.

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