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2002-04-10 - 7:30 a.m.

I知 sorry Boss. I have a little bit of a fever and I知 not really feeling that well I値l be sure to log in from home

I should get an Oscar. Or at least a Grammy. I had a terrible yesterday, so I知 being a rebel and not going in today. Which is nice because I can go to the noon spinning class at my Gym, which is never full, and have Sushi at my favorite Sushi place here in Pleasanton, and go to my favorite bookstores. I was actually ill yesterday afternoon, although it was more from the stress than anything. My ex boss actually had the nerve to tell me that it was all my fault for taking on too much, not to be a perfectionist and just coast through, that it would be easier. While technically true, I think it was in bad taste to actually say it out loud. I think that I値l use those words against her when she asks me to do follow up training for her group. Oh, I知 sorry. I知 just going to coast in this new position. Training is no longer my responsibility Bitch. And then out loud I値l agree to do it and do a bang up job. Because I don稚 think I could do something half assed if I tried. I much prefer to drive my health into the ground with worry and overwork. I知 sure that there will be some backlash for my unplanned vacation, but I知 willing to face those consequences. Sure, it means that my Thursday will be full of bitter accusations and annoyed I really needed but it痴 good for them. Put a little fear in them. It痴 not that I知 some ber worker who can do everything; it痴 just I work for really lazy people.

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