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2002-04-12 - 9:39 a.m.

Ugh, I just had a Sausage McMuffin sandwich and a Irish Cream Lattť from Starbucks. I feel the need to go into the bathroom and purge like some sorority girl after a pizza party. I should probably put some pithy disclaimer or warning about the perils of binge eating and how itís not meant in an detrimental way and all that, but really everyone knows that vomiting is bad, and even those that do it regularly canít find the experience pleasing or relaxing. How did I get on this subject?

Iím very happy that itís Friday. I learned yesterday that all the blood sweat and tears that Iíve been putting into obsolescing my job has been in vain, and that all my process and changes that Iíve worked on will be disbanded. Iíve been instructed to pay lip service to the consultants, and when they leave next month itís back to business as normal. It was a bit disappointing, and the fact that Iíve been instructed to continue as if everything will be fixed is a bit galling, but Iíll get over it. I was very disappointed yesterday, very black Thursday and all that. But now Iím over it.

Maybe Iíll have another Sausage McMuffin.

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