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2002-04-15 - 9:54 a.m.

Green. Itís by Diesel. After years and years (actually since itís inception) Iíve been wearing Happy. Now, on the eve of my 26th year, I switch. Unless I travel, because my travel kit still has the Happy in it. Iím all about changing things, going outside my norm. Which was something I was supposed to do in college, but I think you have to actually attend for that to happen.

The interesting thing is that I never noticed the Happy. It was just there, a ubiquitous scent that followed me through the day. Now though, I move, I reach, I walk, and I smell Green. Itís almost annoying. I canít tell if I put on too much, or if itís just new and Iím not acclimated to it yet. No one has said anything, and trust me, if Iíd marinated in it there would be comments. Brutal Honesty is a trait they cultivate here.

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