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2002-04-17 - 9:44 p.m.

I was driving home this evening, the weather nice and sunny, and the frontage road to the freeway remarkably clear of traffic. Life was good. I had some innocuous pop 40 station on, and my windows rolled down. I happened to glance to my right and there was a car full of high school students staring at me. A guy in a Saab with spiky blond hair, and a brown-buttoned vest with a white shirt and yellow tie. I noticed suddenly the song playing, a dance up-tempo mix of Celine Dionís new song. It was lovely.

This morning my VP was sandwiched between a delivery van and a contractorís truck. He managed to escape with minor injuries, but still itís amazing. Iím thinking that I need to get myself a Mercedes. This is the third instant in a week where Iíve seen or heard of serious accidents where the safety features of a Benz saved someone.

Cheese and Rice. I donít know why I bother with anything anymore.

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