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2002-04-18 - 8:58 a.m.

I was driving to work this morning, and there was a station wagon in front of me that seemed to be full of bongs. Large purple glass ones, with a smattering of clear, no doubt to mix it up a little. Iím sure that they were something else, but it was still interesting. I looked for Phish or Grateful Dead stickers, Bob Marley, Reggae, anything that would give any clues. But no, it was a boring pale blue Taurus station wagon. With a large number of Bong like objects in the back. Which is very clever, maybe. Hide it in plain site. Although I donít think ďWater PipesĒ are illegal. There is this really good Persian restaurant on Haight Street that you can get a Hookah at. We usually get a fruit flavored one, such as strawberry or lemon as I canít take the spice. (make of that what you will)If they were in fact bongs, then power to the people. I have to give mad props to that. I could never transport anything illegal, because being a white middle class male Iím afraid of the cops, and have every reason to mistrust them. They are out there, just itching for any excuse to pull me over. Itís all about the racial profiling. The late model European car and conservative dress also are black marks. Someday Iíll rise up with my brothers and weíll beat down the man. But until then we will stay in our suburban enclaves and live our way of life, with what little dignity we are afforded.

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