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2002-04-24 - 11:24 a.m.

This morning I had every intention of getting to work early, and to clear out my inbox before 8am. I was pumped, I was ready. I arrived at work at 6:45am raring to go. 15 minutes later I was in my car. 10 minutes after that I was at a driving range hitting a bucket of balls. It was so quiet and peaceful. Save for a few early birds on the course it was empty and calm. Very Zen like. Sure, I still have my viscous hook and canít drive more than a 100 yards, but it was nice. The thwack! thwack! thwack! of the club hitting the ball was pleasant, it was early so the dew kept the pollen count down, and I was a solitary figure in the landscape. I imagined that the grounds crew respected my dedication to the sport, recognizing my drive to succeed. In truth they probably thought, "Hey, look at the stupid white guy paying 6 dollars a bucket to hit balls poorly. Ha Ha Ha" or I didn't even register as the went about their business.

Of course, now that Iím at work much of my peace has been shattered like a frozen kitten dipped in liquid nitrogen and then whacked against a table. But Iíll pick up the bloody bits after lunch and attempt a reanimation. Although I doubt it can be restored using a metal pole through the heart and some lightning.

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