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2002-05-01 - 2:06 p.m.

Well, I got to see Spiderman last night. It was your typical Superhero based movie. Origin, Defining Moment, Arch Villain, Final Showdown. I was lucky enough to sit next to the movie reviewer from the Radio show I listen to. He smelled funny and was annoying. Plus his reviews are not all that great. I feel comfortable making this call because back in College I used to do just that very thing. See a movie and talk about it on the Radio. Although I probably was annoying and smelled funny as well. So, rather than go into a spoiler or anything, let me say about Spiderman that it was fine. Tons of CGI swinging about and not a lot of Toby running around in a Unitard. Which was fine by me. And you get to see Kirsten in a very wet shirt.

There is fear rumbling about the office because more lay-offs are in the works, though I doubt that it will hit any of us in sales. I actually know some inside scoop because of all the meetings that I attend, but Iím keeping quiet. While I donít have the fear that other people may have about thier jobs, I'm also not going to worry about it. I'm thinking that "Leaving to pursue other interests" could be the best thing to ever happen to me and have started imagining fanciful things like my buy out will pay off the car, and I can finally take a semester of school abroad, like in Oxford, Milan, Hong Kong, wherever. Or maybe try to get the band back together and go out on the road. Or stay at home all day, eating Double Stuff Oreoís and watching soap operaís as I wallow in self-pity until my un-employment runs out. Then get a similar job that treats me the same.

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