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2002-05-06 - 7:30 a.m.

The only thing keeping me alert right now is the drug cocktail I concocted this morning using pretty much everything in the house. Yes, dear reader, I am sick. AGAIN. I swear I have the immune system of a Native American when the white devils arrived. I spent the entire weekend holed up in my room shivering and sweating. Sunday I managed to down some Popsicles, and this morning Iím drinking Pedialyte as the advice nurse for my HMO suggested it over Gatorade or Tea for re-hydration. I would like to still be cocooned on my bed this morning but I have an ISO Audit Kick Off meeting and the back up for my department is on vacation this week. Which I find very convenient. Of course, they probably would feel the same way about my ďfluĒ. I may be okay tomorrow, as there is nothing scheduled and if I can at all get away with it, Iíll not come in. This morning on the radio they were discussing some horrendous uses of mayonnaise. Like using it as a dip for cold pizza or as a topping on day old spaghetti. When they got to Peanut Butter, Mayo, Tuna and Raison Sandwiches I had to turn the station. It was either that or hack up my stomach lining, along with the small amounts of Pedialyte Iíd managed to keep down. That stuff is nasty. I donít understand how children can drink it. At lunchtime today Iíll switch over to Gatorade. Because Iím an adult and I can. Assuming I live that long.

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