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2002-05-14 - 2:05 p.m.

I sometimes make rash statements that are all encompassing. Lipstick Lesbians are selfish, is one such example. Fast Food employees are one step ahead of the INS is another. Odds are, your average employee in a fast food restaurant is not native to this country, especially in the Bay Area. Odds are your average employee in the Bay Area is not a native. There is nothing wrong with this, and one should generally accept this because there is not a hell of a lot we can do to change it. And why would we want to? I mention all this because I ran into a rather unpleasant fat woman at Togoís this afternoon while picking up some sandwiches for the office. Her elaborately teased hair dyed a faux red gave an illusion of substance as backlighting turned it pink. Her heavily jeweled separates seemed tawdry, like Wal-Mart separates someone had gone at with beads, rhinestones, and a bedazzler to hid itís lowly beginnings and then marked up 600% at a craft fair or charity event. Her hands were covered in jewels and her nails were, of course, perfectly manicured. It seems that there was some misunderstanding between the wage slave and the woman involving Dressing/Mayonnaise. Regardless of how you may inwardly feel about a person in the service industry, itís generally considered PC to be polite. Iím always polite. There is an employee at Una Mas nearby that I find repellant, not only in attitude but she has a large goiter which I consider to be karmic justice for such an unpleasant creature. So this woman is yelling at the sandwich maker about Mayo and Jalapenoís and the worker is trying to use the Togoís vernacular, which means dressing (they donít have Mayo, or Mayonnaise) and the peppers are not really Jalapenoís. Because of all the commotion a supervisor came to assist to which the woman was extra snotty, telling him to hire people that could communicate in English and had people skills. She actually said people skills. She kept glancing around, perhaps mistaking herself to be in the south, or perhaps the Midwest, with an Am I right? expression, to which she received no takers. Unable to score a free bag of chips or Soda she grumbled off to her Teal Cadillac, which is where I saw her as I left the restaurant, shoving that large #24 into her maw as her car sat purring in itís slot, the A/C no doubt going full blast inside. People make me weary. Iím not trying to say that Iím perfect, or even better than this woman. I was saddened more than anything. Whatever issue caused her to lash out at her sandwich maker probably could be solved with compassion and understanding. Or a hug. I guess her Turkey and Avocado will have to suffice.

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