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2002-05-20 - 11:38 a.m.

This weekend was my Grandparents 59th wedding anniversary, and so there was a flurry of related activities. Also, my parents and out of state sister were coming into town, I had a large project due for class, a Star Wars themed party to attend, along with a viewing of Attack of the Clones, and my mother was going to retile the kitchen floor in my sisters apartment. It was one of those masses swirling of people and events where everything feels rushed and out of control. So, weekends are nice if you get to enjoy them. Or sleep through them. But if I sleep through them then I feel like I should have accomplished something, like world peace or even just the laundry. I actually did neither this weekend. It was a busy hectic whirlwind of activity that began first thing Friday afternoon thru Sunday evening. I feel neither refreshed nor rejuvenated for the upcoming week. And my workday thus far is doing little to compensate me for the weekend. It seems that my project, that Iíve been working on diligently for months now, and that will be scrapped but I still have to go through the motions on, will be the basis for my review. Iím being judged on a project that has already been deemed a failure. Iím a little bitter. Mainly because I care too much. Itís a failing in this life. I never listened to the advice about becoming emotionally invested in things, I tend to always go there.

So, I fully intend to update about my Star Wars party, because it was fun. And also about the 59th wedding anniversary party, because it was not. But that will have to be later. Because lunch beckons.

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