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2002-05-22 - 3:40 p.m.

A group of co-workers has returned from a trip through China where they met with customers, talked with the company that will be building our equipment in the region, discussing order trends with our sales offices. Last year, just before I started my diary actually, I went with them as I was implementing our Siebel system and giving product and training demonstrations. It was fun. Last year I became so ill while in Beijing that I wished I was dead.

I have no idea where Iím going with this. I really have been struggling with what to say for the past month. Where is the line drawn between online and real world? I guess that itís different for everyone. I mean, in a perfect world Iíd feel comfortable talking about my stool each day, just because I find the process and consistency of my elimination fascinating. Sure, Iím scatological, but who isnít? Well, lotís of people probably. Good decent people who volunteer at church groups and believe in the separation of the sexes. My recent bout with ennui is not even Diaryland specific. My social life, and work life are also suffering. I did very little productivity today. I spent much of my time online downloading crap and surfing the web, with a generic Excel spreadsheet an ALT+Tab away. Iíll just chalk today up for a not very good day and leave it at that. And probably leave for home. It just seems easier than putting up the pretense of working.

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