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2002-06-9 - 9:10 p.m.

I finally caught the MTV Movie Awards. They were great. I enjoyed the opening number very much. And the take off of the summer blockbusters. Iím easily amuses it seems. If all the programming on MTV was of a similar caliber to that, well, then I think Iíd be back. Not that they really want me. Just my money. Iím so out of their demographic. Iíll just watch the occasional Real World and Osbournes and be happy. I also have to question who the hell picked the girls to rush whatever Sorority they are doing on the next big MTV reality show. Iím sorry but every one in the commercials got hit repeatedly with the ugly stick. Is this what the proud Greek tradition is coming to? Ugly slutty girls? I mean, whatever happened to all those girls that were Dismissed? Couldnít they make it to a call back or something? Stupid Commercials. I was watching live TV as opposed to ďmy storiesĒ so I didnít have the commercial skip. Actually, Iíve been watching less and less television of late, sticking to mainly DVDís. I told the Tivo to stop trying and cancelled all my favorites out. Iím not even using the thing, which is sad. Like my Palm Pilot, I thought it was the greatest thing ever and now itís just taking up space in the A/V cabinet. Thatís not entirely true, it did catch the awards for me. I guess Iíll go whisper sweet nothings into itís ears. Iíd rather it didnít develop a complex. My DVD player is a bit of a curmudgeon and doesnít play well with others. Aside from the MD Deck itís the oldest piece in there and also the most used so it likes to throw itís weight about. The absense of television hasnít opened up any dramatic blocks of time with which to better myself or anything, which I find annoying. I, in my naivety believed that I spent way too much time in front of the television when I could be out doing productive things. Thatís not really the case. The list of projects that was too take up that time remains unfulfilled and I havnít noticed any moments for reflection or anything. Itís a little bit frustrating actually because I donít have a clue where my time goes. Suddenly itís late and Iím tired and the alarm is going off to start the day over again. Granted I do a lot of driving and I do have a lovely social calendar. But thatís not any different than the norm. I am, or at least liked to consider myself such, a pop culture whore. So I try to keep myself current. Not by watching Extra or E! except for mocking fodder. The pulse that they are connected to couldnít be monitored. Itís like getting your entertainment news from the AARP Monthly Mailer. Joan Rivers included. Iíll just have to go out less. And try harder to watch Jackass rather than act like one.

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