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2002-06-14 - 10:10 a.m.

Yesterday was Weetabixís birthday, and I had every intention of updating and telling everyone to go wish her a happy birthday. But I didnít. Not that it really matters. Seriously, all the traffic I get is because of her. Except for the random person who is orthographically challenged. So, anyway, if you didnít already, go wish her a happy belated birthday. Blame me. Itís okay.

I went to a party last night. In Berkeley, where I ate sushi and bruschetta with artist types. It was actually a good time. I left early. Because Iím a little bit lame about such things. In my defense, because Iím feeling defensive for some reason, I wasnít the first to go. But I didnít know a lot of the people, except for the hosts, and there was too much talk about art and the different mediums. Iím not an art person. I like what I like. I enjoy the SF MOMA which is doing a retrospective of Yoko Ono. I actually really want to attend however itís sold out. I think it would be interesting, as opposed to say being a good place to pick up an attractive woman with a trust fund. I may attend one of the video screenings of the event. I was glad that I knew what was going on in the art world of SF, it gave me something to talk about at the party.

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