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2002-07-02 - 11:32 a.m.

I think I had heat stroke yesterday afternoon. I walked the dogs and afterwards felt nauseated and light headed. Of course, it was like 102 or something. It wasnít a long walk, but still. But after lying down with a cold glass of Iced Tea in the overly air conditioned house I felt somewhat restored.

So, there you have it. The only thing worth writing about that happened yesterday. Which is almost pathetic. I may go see a movie today. Not having to work, but also not being able to go somewhere kind of sucks. Not that I want to go anywhere. My parents would like me to drive out to Utah to visit them for the 4th, but I donít really feel like driving all that way. And I donít want to pay full fare for the flight out there. Plus itís just as hot there as it is here, and I can escape to the milder weather of San Francisco if it gets to be too much. Actually, all that housesitting has had the effect of making me more of a loner than usual. Iíve been avoiding other peoples company. Turned down a couple of lunch and dinner requests, as well as been more than usually difficult to get to go out. I feel very selfish.

However someone has a secret crush on me. Which is just sad.

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