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2002-07-07 - 10:22 a.m.

I had a nice dinner with the friends of my parents. They were amazed at how grown up we all were. Which was amusing. I havenítí seen them in years. They mentioned how much of an adult I was. With a real job, and a real car and everything. At first I was inwardly seething at being belittle so, but I got over it, after all, it had been a while. Like parents and relatives, you will always be that freckled little waif who loved Hot Wheels or asked for another soda. Afterwards my sisters and I went to see Pumpkin. A sister and I liked it, however my other sister didnít. I think she was expecting Legally Blonde with Handicapped Kids. The movie, in my opinion was a brilliant Satire that unfortunately pulled its punches when it came to the handicapped. It was brutal in itís skewering of everything except the challenged. And that was its downfall. It was also a little too long. The cast was incredible, the writing clever, but it needed a braver director. Itís worth seeing if itís playing in your neck of the woods.

I have a lunch date with my Grandparents. And then Iím taking them to a movie. Probably the Ya Ya one. Because they are old and it has old people. Which sounds prejudicial towards the elderly, but come on. Itís not like I can take them to see The Cockettes or Lan Yu. Which is a bit unfair as they are very liberal minded when it comes to cinema. We are actually considering several movies, including The Emperorís New Clothes and Elling. Itís kind of a movie weekend I guess. Which is better than doing laundry. It all depends on timing.

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