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2002-07-09 - 7:34 a.m.

Yesterday was a very bad day.

Iím over it now.

For reasons that are inexplicable, the company passed out wine to all the employees. It has our logo on it. It seems that you can buy wine to have your logo put on. Which is wacky. I donít think thatís a very positive message. I, of course, drank mine for lunch. It was medicinal after the crap I had to wade through.

Because of the stressful nature of yesterday, Iíve decided to take up yoga. Also, Iíd like to be able to bend in half and not break. Iím sure it will take years. Iím holding out for the slim hope that a far eastern way of life will be able to accomplish what 4 years of gymnastics couldnít, namely, make me limber enough to tie my shoes without the aid of a chair or bench. Of course, if it fails Iíll just have to get a servant. I have ugly feet however, so the possibility of keeping them far from my discriminate eyes is also appealing. Not that it has really anything to do with yoga. None of this really does.

I seem to have given myself a headache. Not an auspicious start to the morning. I think Iíll go get some more wine.

**Oh, and I fixed the link for the Survey.

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