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2002-07-14 - 9:24 p.m.

I went for a hike this morning, in preparation for next weekend where I am going overnight backpacking along Carson Pass. And I happened to get a little sunburned. Not terribly so, just the mild case of redness that will develop into a nice tan in a day or two.

Iím finally over the party from Friday. Which has me a bit melancholy this evening. Or Iím just bored. Itís kind of the same thing. I used to be able to drink like a Hollywood up and comer, stay out all night partying and then pull in a double shift at the Movie Theatre. Of course, I was eighteen and didnít know better. Stupid age.

Weetabix doesnít think Iím old actually, and is counting down the years until Iím 30. But sheís vindictive that way.

Well, this is just a big pile of randomness. Iím reading a book called FRAUD by David Rakoff and it really has me stumped by itís wit and brilliance. I hate that. Itís not that I think Iím the next Voltaire or anything. Or even that clever. But I read something like his Essay, ďIn New England Everyone Calls You DaveĒ. It made me laugh out loud on the BART train. In public. It was not good. Except, it was so good that I didnít mind. So, anyway, it just has me feeling all self conscious. It should inspire me to be a better writer, or something. But quitting seems to be in my blood. Itís what I do best.

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