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2002-07-18 - 3:51 p.m.

I kind of hit a wall at work just now. I should be working. I want to be working. But for some reason I just canít seem to be able to. I have quite a bit to accomplish this afternoon as well. Especially since itís close to the weekend.

But I canít. Or Wonít. I recognize that itís the same thing. Instead Iím updating my diary. Surreptitiously as everything I do can be spied upon. Due to the move, my new cube placement is less then desirable. Which means I have to be very furtive. And no Internet searches or uninhibited diaryland reading to waste time with either. I keep getting up and walking around the factory, looking like I have a plan. Which makes people avoid me like the plague. Instead I sit here looking busy, an Excel sheet an ALT+Tab away. Someone at the office cried this morning, which was strange. She was upset (naturally) and suddenly everyone is buzzing. It was vaguely uncomfortable because she sits near me, and I could hear her sniffling. I gave her my box of Kleenex, which I hope was not misinterpreted. I wanted to convey muted compassion rather than an invitation to talk. But Iíve successfully managed to avoid her most of the day.

I think Iíll make up an appointment and go home.

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