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2002-08-13 - 4:26 p.m.

So, I moved this weekend. It was a long weekend, consisting of Friday thru Monday. I need some time off to recover. Also, the new place is not set up with DSL yet, so Iím working with a dial up. Itís been a very difficult time. The pain of the dial up, itís harsh chirping and abrasive connection grating my sensitive ears. The constant waiting and shame of AOL. Not that there is anything wrong with that. AOL is a perfectly valid internet service provider. And DSL may not be available in your area. I understand. Iíd hate to be you, but I understand. Itís all about understanding here. Or so I like to kid myself.

I spent the weekend fending off my mother and my aunt who had to radically different decorating styles planned for my new humble abode. Towards the end I was merely along for the ride, answering every question put to me with ďPut it in the cartĒ. However, this morning I was thinking that things were okay, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel and soon my pad will be swinging with hot chicks, cool people, and scintillating conversation with just a hint of scandal to keep things fresh and interesting. They are building a new Pinnacle Fitness down the street, which is good. The downtown area is being rapidly gentrified. I feel like Iím riding the wave of something. Tacky as that sounds. Iím tired people. Iíve been doing manual labor for the last 96 hours so cut me some slack. Remember, we are all about understanding here.

Understanding is actually lacking at work. But this is not new. I had more entry in me, but itís gone. Iíll work on that.

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