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2002-08-21 - 9:32 p.m.

I played hooky from work today. Well, it wasnít really hooky. I took a long lunch, then left early. Like 3 hours early. I had intended to use the time to finish straightening up the apartment and all. But instead I did a walking tour of the downtown area. Then I took a nap. And then I had to arrange Weetabixís schedule for tomorrow. She had an ass kicking at 2pm that was conflicting with some name taking. You all see the lighter side of her, but I tell you, I will never forget the day I brought her the regular Venti Chai instead of the Iced Venti Chai. To this day the scent of Chai makes me run for cover. But really, it was my fault for not living up to her expectations. So anyway, instead of a put together home I have a box and moving detritus strewn apartment and useless knowledge about the historic buildings around me. But I am going to count the walk around town as exercise. So I skipped Yoga. My excuse for leaving work early was that I had an earache. Let me tell you, earaches are the best. There are no outward symptoms and unlike a cold or sore throat you donít have to worry about how you sound on the phone. That way if someone calls and you are more chipper than normal, itís okay. Itís an earache. I may milk it tomorrow, but Iíd probably have to back any extended illness up with a Dr Appointment. Instead I think Iíll go in and play the martyr. Although that doesnít work too well in my office, as my coworkers seem to think that I should be chained to my desk and let out once a day for a spot of sun and to use the toilet. Sometimes I question whether or not competence at my job is really worth it.

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