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2002-08-24 - 8:13 a.m.

I went for a jog this morning, because I am an urban dweller now and that's what we do on Saturday mornings to unwind from our hectic work weeks, and fortify us workaholics to return to our laptops and VPN on a chilly Saturday morning and while away the balance of the morning with work. As I was jogging through the park, my netflix returns clutched to my sweaty palm, it started to mist. It was awesome. Tendrils of fog clung to the trees and wisped through the open spaces. There were a few homeless souls still snoozing on cardboard under trees and benches, bundled against the damp and the chill which I found refreshing and cool as I burned off the last vestiges of the hangover from the night before, using up unwanted Guinness calories in the dawn air. Feeling flushed, not only from the exercise but the beauty of the setting around me, I arrived triumphantly at Starbucks, where the brash, heavily made up woman behind the counter had no idea what a Tepid Latté was, and seemed confused when I said, "It's 120 degrees. I want a Grande 120 degree latté, no foam with whip". Fortunately the barrista heard it. Then there was an issue with ringing up my order. It was a bit jarring, to have my perfect morning interrupted. But the peace that I had slowly returned on my walk back to my apartment and by the time I had thrown my keys and cell phone into the butler tray that is their home I felt again serene.

And then I opened up my inbox......

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