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2002-08-29 - 12:41 a.m.

I went to a Harold Lloyd screening of Speedy tonight. The Stanford Theatre in Palo Alto plays old films, on Wednesday nights they have a silent film series and get someone to accompany the film on the theatres old Wurlitzer. Harold Lloyd is a particular favorite of the series and the shows are usually crowded. Palo Alto, where the Stanford Theatre is located is such a swanky city. I saw a Maclaran F1 driving through that city once. To combat all that snobbery I ate at Wienerschnitzel. Because itís really hard to feel better than everyone else when youíve just scarfed down 2 Mustard Dogs for a dollar and are going to be gassy. I went early because theyíve sold out in the past (in fact, I was going to go with my Grandparents once and tickets could not be had, even for ready money) and also I wanted to stop by Restoration Hardware so I could pick up some push button light switches for my apartment. My parents have them in their house and they are the coolest things. Plus, they would blend nicely in the renovated Victorian that my apartment is situated in. But they didnít have them. Iíll probably have to do an online search for them. I know my mom bought hers at RH. I donít know. I didnít spend too much time worrying about it. The showing was great. It was a double feature with Hot Water, plus an intermission where HLloydís granddaughter and executer of his trust spoke and answered questions. It seems that some DVDís are in the works, and the films are playing at festivals and schools around the country. I could have done without the second feature, as the preposterous situations and wackiness was wearing thin. And so, sated with cheap hot dogs and a pretentious film experience, the lack of the push button light switches merely adding some wabi sabi to my evening (along with the aforementioned gas). As I was letting myself in, I noticed an envelope on the floor. It was a party invitation. Jason and Charles are having a house party and everyone is invited to stop by starting around 6 for drinks, hors díoeuvres, and to meet everyone. Which is very nice of them. Of course now I have to figure out what kind of hostess present one gives to a gay couple that one doesnít even know. Luckily there is a Pottery Barn nearby. I think they have an entire section devoted to Gay Hostess Presents. If nothing else, Iím sure there will be someone to ask. Damn It Anne! You were taken from us so soon.

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