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2002-08-31 - 11:28 a.m.

I somehow managed yesterday to screw up all my Outlook rules, so now I have random stuff showing up in my inbox. And other places. Iím not going to fix it until Tuesday however. Because Iím a rebel. Thatís right.

Iíll probably go in tomorrow. Sheesh.

This week Bruce Springsteen came to town. It was apparently a big deal. The Boss still has it, well, still has it in the Bay Area. It reminds me of the early Ď80s when my sisters and I would dance with Courtney Cox to Born in the USA on the MTV. Or even later, when we had the album. Iím sure that he has had other albums and other hits, that theme song from Philadelphia comes to mind, but really. I had no idea that he still had a fan base large enough to fill a Stadium.

Anyway, that was that. I was supposed to go out last night, but I didnít. I stayed in and watched all of my Netflix. Like a loser. Iíve been having some work related angst more so than usual of late and itís really gotten me in a non-James Brown type of funk. In fact, yesterday I kind of threatened to quit. I basically told it like it is, and made my unhappiness known. Afterwards I was hyperventilating in the bathroom. Iím sure the shift change thought I was masturbating. That entire heavy breathing and hitting my head against the wall thing. Not that I really care. Iím sure worse goes on in that ghetto bathroom in the factory. But it was further away than the more posh one upstairs and I needed the space at the time.

I guess thatís it.

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