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2002-09-07 - 10:44 a.m.

I have a busy weekend planned. Picking parents up from the airport, a cocktail party because Iím cool and hip. That I have to buy new pants for because I have too much at my hips. A baseball game on Sunday. Itís a whirlwind of activity.

At some point I need to do laundry.

I figured out how to use this really cool percolating coffee pot that my grandparents gave me. Itís practically an antique and works very well. It makes excellent coffee and fills my studio with a lovely sound. The Sharper image should add that sound to those stupid air ionizer and sound soother machines they heavily pimp out. I actually have one of those things, and I canít say that it does anything. So, Iíve accomplished much this morning.

Yes, this is my life. Isnít it just fascinating.

I managed to go out drinking last night, get royally smashed, and not smoke. So Iím making progress there. Subsequently, Iím feeling great this morning. Well, I do have a puny tummy. But thatís a small price to pay for good times downtown. Itís shaping up to be a lovely fall day here in California. Brisk and almost cold in the shade but lovely in the sun. A perfect day to be outside. Iím going shopping with the parents once I pick them up from the Airport, as my dad needs to get something to wear I hear and Walnut Creek has a very nice outdoor shopping area. Iím sure I could score some California Pizza Kitchen off them for lunch. And maybe even the pants. And some shoes to go with it. Plus a bathroom cabinet from Restoration Hardware. Thatís probably pushing it.

Weetabix is traveling next week, so I have to go figure out what she needs to wear. A PA's work is never done.

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