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2002-09-18 - 1:13 p.m.

I expected a customer to yell at me just now. And they didnít. I donít think thatís a good indication. I was dreading the call in the first place, and they throw me off my game like that. Itís just plain rude.

In other, unrelated news, Iím feeling claustrophobic and a little schizophrenic. Itís the isolation I think. At work, home, my lack of real social interaction. Maybe thatís how all mental illness starts. Small games that seem small at first, verbally acknowledging an amusing thought or thinking out loud. The next thing you know, youíre having philosophical debates in the park and have the neighbors in your fridge for disagreeing with the fact that you refuse to take out the trash, for fear that the ants will get it.

Sigh. I have a meeting about training in 45 minutes. I havenít trained anyone for months, and itís outside my job description. Oh well. Maybe I can get an employee out of this. I miss being able to abuse my position and authority. Really, all I can do is abuse myself. (oh, thatís good.) Thanks (donít mention it)

Yeah, Iím sure thatís how it starts.

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