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2002-09-23 - 9:09 p.m.

Tonight at dinner in the booth behind me I heard two middle aged geeks talking about strategy gaming. Complete with sound effects. It was very surreal.

I got invited to a Halloween party. I have to go in costume. Iím considering going as the Jolly Green Giant. Paint myself green. Make a leaf toga. It could work. I could, of course, go naked and say I was a wookie, but I think that violates public decency laws. I donít like costumes. I think itís because I ďdress upĒ every time I go out, carefully selecting what Iím wearing and cycling my wardrobe around to minimize repeats. That takes up a lot of time and care. I donít know, I just think itís silly. And I think Iím silly, so itís all relative. So, if anyone has any good costume ideas, please feel free to sign the guest book with them.

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